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Tintype Session

Wet Plate Session 

History of the wet plate process

Wet Plate Collodion photography is considered the original polaroid. The wet plate collodion process is one the oldest of analog photography. One of the earliest and probably the most popular systems of taking and then making a photograph, wet plate photography was accidentally discovered by an Englishman named Frederick Scott Archer. He, however, never patented his process. The process of wet plate photography could arguably be credited for the break out of photography as a serious vocation. With traveling photographers going town to town to set up nomadic photo studios.


Wet Plate session information

 We can shoot 4"x5" or 8"x10'" plates that accommodate up to two people on the 4"x5" or three people with the 8"x10".  We can shoot on metal plates. We can shoot on glass foe an extra fee depending on your preference.  During our session you will be able to see the image turn from a negative to a positive. Sessions will last about 30-60 minutes for single plate sessions. If you would like to take the plate home with you the same day allow another 40 minutes or so for the plate to be washed, dried, scanned and varnished. Otherwise the plate can be picked up the next business day. We use high powered flash lighting, so if you have a history of seizures it is not recommended to do a indoor shoot but we are happy to do a outdoor session using natural light. A session includes one tintype only  (unless additional plates are purchased at a 25% discounted rate). Your session does not include retakes unless there are clear issues with the image, such as closed eyes. Retakes are done at the discretion of the photographer. This is a finished piece of artwork that once framed, you will take home and hang on your wall. The image is flipped so if you wear clothing with text the text will read backwards. Glasses and hats are ok but reflection and shadows can pose a problem when trying to get a correct exposure.  

Examples of images from our portrait studio 

Price Wet Plate Session

4x5" Tintype portait session $150

8x10" Tintype portait session $300

Scan of tin type $25

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