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Harry Gamboa Jr.

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Artist Statement

Uncommon/Common - Photographs,  addresses the visual appraisal of perceptual pressure zones at urban ground zero where intentionality collides with incisive metaphor.  The reduction of common space resulting from privatization, unexpected tectonic shifts, dangerous climactic changes, socio-cultural turf wars, erasure of history, and the building of walls while demolishing bridges, all results in over-crowding/under-funding of specific areas that affect interpersonal behavior as well the affect of intimacy.  The possibility of sudden physical/social elimination from the urbanscape provides the premise for emphemeral actions in interior and exterior spaces.  The various performers who appear in the photographs accentuate the intuitive nature of responding to chaos, angst, and unexpected celebrations of the human self. 


The works presented here represent a photographic performance art trajectory that spans nearly fifty years of locating and presenting the Uncommon/Common.


Limited Edition Prints Available

Foto Forum Santa Fe Exhibition Record

  • Uncommon/Common - Photographs. Solo Exhibition May-June, 2018



Harry Gamboa Jr. is the founder and director of Virtual Vérité (2005-2017), the international performance troupe. 

He is a co-founder of Asco (1972-1985), the Los Angeles-based performance group. He is Co-Director of the Photo/Media Program at California Institute of the Arts. He is a lecturer with the Chicana/o Studies Department at California State University, Northridge.

He has received numerous awards: Rockefeller Foundation (2004), the Durfee Foundation Artist Award (2001), the Flintridge Foundation Visual Artist Award (2000), the Gluck Foundation (1998–1999), the J. Paul Getty Trust Fund for the Visual Arts (1990), the California Arts Council (1996), Art Matters, Inc. (1996), and National Endowment for the Arts (1987 and 1980).

Harry Gamboa Jr. has been exhibited by museums + galleries + art spaces nationally/internationally

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