Foto Forum offers a 400 square foot natural light studio with northern facing windows and 10 foot ceilings. We are equipped with strobe, hot light and camera rental from digital, 35mm and up to 8x10 cameras. 


We also have a full black and white darkroom with two sinks a 20x24" archival wash, two enlargers, Beseler 45mxII that are all capable of printing 35mm, 6x6, 6x4x5, 6x7, and, 4x5 negatives. A finishing area with a 28x30" dry mount press, matt cutters and, copy stand. Foto Forum also offers an Olec UV unit and 28x30" vacuum press for alternative processes such as platinum/palladium, carbon, cyanotype, brown prints and, albumen. If you would like to print outside we offer contact frames. Computer and printer are available to print digital prints, and, digital negatives on request.  

Contact to inquire.