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Members, Share Your News!

Dear Foto Forum Santa Fe Members, 

Do you have some exciting news about your work that we can share with the world? We would love to help spread the word and let everyone know about what our talented Members are doing!

Please give us all of the relevant information in this form. The more information you can provide the easier it will be for us to create a social media post or to include it in our email blasts. 

Tell Us About Your News

Details and links to event pages or images help.

We need an image to share on Instagram/Facebook, etc... You can either give the URL to a JPEG/PNG file hosted online somewhere that we can download, like the example below, or a link to your website that has the image on it. If you are sending us a link to your website, please describe which photo to use for promotion in the Description box.

What kind of news is this?

Think of the Description as if you were writing a Press Release. Give us the Who/What/When/Where in a format that we can easily copy and paste. We don't have the bandwidth to rewrite a bad description or to draft one ourselves. Make it short, sweet, and pithy!

Thanks for sharing!

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