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Christian Muñoz Friday Night Light 11”x14” light jet print Banning High School student

Foto Forum Santa Fe High School Grant Award

Submissions Due by September 27th , 2023 Midnight MST

Announcing the Foto Forum Santa Fe High School Grant Award!

Foto Forum Santa Fe, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is looking to inspire and support the next generation of photographers. Through our new High School Grant Award we are giving opportunities, cash prizes, and mentorship to cultivate the future of storytelling through photography.


  • $250 Cash Prize

  • $250 dollar gift certificate to visions photo

  • $100 value in film

  • 3 month online exhibition on Foto Forum Santa Fe website

  • Half-hour meeting (via Zoom) with Executive Director Sage Paisner about your photography practice and goals.


Currently enrolled High School students in Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

Cost of Entry



Statement (brief) about your work

Please provide a brief Artist Statement to give the jury more information about the work you are submitting.

Please submit 4 photographs for consideration. Each image should be formatted as a JPEG file no larger than 1200 pixels on the long dimension. Please make sure that each file is no larger than 2Mb. (Hint: use compression). Filenames should include your name so that we can easily match a file to your application in case it gets separated. ex: Jane_Doe_1.jpg

For each image, please provide the Title and Dimensions of the final print in inches.

Image #1 Upload
Image #2 Upload
Image #3 Upload
Image #4 Upload

Almost Done!

Before clicking the submit button, please review your application. You can only submit once, so take the time to double check everything! Make sure you have filled out all the fields, all four images have Titles, Dimensions, and an uploaded JPEG file. If one of the required fields is missing, you may have to start all over again if your browser doesn't save your information!

We will review each submission to make sure it is complete, and send you a confirmation email.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the internet connection, it may take a few moments to upload your submission. Do not leave the page until it completes.

Your content has been submitted

Your content has been submitted

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An error occurred. Try again later

Your content has been submitted

IMPORTANT: If your submission is successful you will see a "Success: Thank You" page. If you do not see that page after you click Submit, then something went wrong. Try again, or use a different browser. Thanks!

After this page is submitted you will be able to pay for the Entry Fee by credit card on the next page to complete the application.

Christian Muñoz  Mars Rise 11”x14” light jet print Banning High School student

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