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View Camera Workshop

View Camera Workshop


Learn why photographers used to refer to 35mm cameras as "miniature photography" when you climb under a dark cloth and look out at the world through the ground glass of a View Camera!


We offer two versions of the workshop, either working with an 4x5 inch view camera or a 8x10 inch view camera. The material is primarily the same as far as the operation of the cameras, understanding their parts, and learning about the camera movements for tilt, shift, and swing to control the plane of focus and perspective distortion. 


Choose the workshop that you think would match the type of camera you are interested in using. Not sure? Ask Sage. You will be able to use new terms of art like "Scheimplflug principle" after this workshop.


These workshops are a great companion to our Wet Plate Workshop. Once you have mastered the camera wouldn't it be nice to use it to shoot an 8x10 tintype portrait!


You should provide your own film if you wish to make exposures during the workshop. It is not necessary to make exposures to get all of the benefits of the class. If you would like us to provide film, please ask Sage about purchasing some when scheduling the workshop date.

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