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Portrait Lighting Workshop

Portrait Lighting Workshop


Sage Paisner has spent years behind the camera mastering the craft of lighting for both portait and still-life photography in black and white, color, digital, and non-silver photography.


In these half-day sessions he will teach you to sculpt lighting setups with multiple lights, to understand the use of a light meter for setting lighting ratios, the effect on distance on both the quality and intensity of light, and the use of light modifiers such as umbrellas, cones, and bounces. 


The workshop can be configured to concentrate on working with Natural Light, Continuous Lighting (aka Hot Lights), and Strobe / Flash in half day sessions. You may also choose to combine two into a Full Day Lighting Workshop: Continuous Lighting in the morning and Strobe in the afternoon.


When Sage contacts you to schedule the workshop you can specify which type of lighting you wish to use (Natural, Continuous, or Strobe). 


All materials are provided. 

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