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Platinum/Palladium Workshop

Platinum/Palladium Workshop


Introduction to making Digital negatives and Platinum/Palladium Prints. Next workshop August 17 & 18, 2024.


One of the most beloved of the early 19th Century alternative non-silver processes, platinum/palladium prints have a long rich tonal scale that brings a nuanced character to any photograph. The prints are made using a mixture of chlorides of the two metals dissolved in ether to make them light sensitive. The resulting print, like the noble metals they use, are incredibly stable and archival and a beauty to behold. Once the emulsion is mixed you brush it directly onto the paper.

In this workshop you will learn how to prepare digital files (either from scanned negatives or digital captures) of your own photographs to create inkjet digital negatives appropriate for Platinum/Palladium printing. The history, techniques, and quirks of platinum printing will be discussed and you will see a demonstration of how to mix and apply the emulsion to the paper, how to determine the proper exposure for the Ultraviolet exposure unit, and to have a Platinum/Palladium print made from your images.


During the longer workshops there will be ample opportunity for you to experiment with a number of your own images and to make variations.


Price includes Materials Fee

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