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2023 Foto forum santa fe award winner

Ciro Battiloro (Torre del Greco, 1984) is an Italian photographer based in Napoli. He studied philosophy at “Federico II” University. He uses a very intimate approach and through photographing everyday life he discusses more general social themes. His recent work is focused on urban marginalities in South Italy. In 2015 he was selected for the 2nd edition of LAB, Irregular Laboratory created by Antonio Biasiucci. He was selected for the artistic residencies: Bocs Art ,Up-Urban People, Tremplin Jeunes talent. His works have been published in several magazines and been exhibited in different museums, galleries and festivals.

Artist Statement


Sanità is a portrait of intimate life in the Rione Sanità.

Rione Sanità, situated in the heart of Napoli, is one of Europe's most densely populated places. The district, born as a residential area for aristocratic families, has become one of the most complex in Napoli.Rione Sanità is developed in a depression: it is an urban reality in itself. This isolation has led to the proliferation of social problems such as unemployment, school dropouts and the presence of criminal organizations.At the same time the district welcomes a vast humanity with different geographical origins and different personal stories. This diversity is a wealth.Inside these doors and windows you can find an amazing energy of life full of dignity where precious authentic stories tell the nature of humanity in everyday life. At the center of my work are the inhabitants of the district and their daily life suspended between the stigma of marginality and the great economic and political processes of gentrification.

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