Foto Forum Santa Fe Workshops

Private workshops in processes that range from the earliest history of photography to cutting-edge digital.

Workshop are taught in our downtown Santa Fe location with portrait studio up front and fully-equipped darkroom in the rear.

Workshop lengths can be customized to accommodate your schedule and needs in these increments:

  • Half day: 2 hour session. Good for refresher courses or to get a solid introduction to the topic.

  • Full day: 7 hour session (with 1hr lunch break). Ideal for covering a lot of ground and becoming proficient in a new process.

  • Two day: 14 hour session over two days. Perfect for a deep dive into a complex process.

How does it work?

Choose from among our workshops listed below and contact

to register the workshop for an available date that works with your schedule. You can also go 

ahead and pay for the course online through the link below the workshop and Sage will be

in touch to schedule the date.

Great Gift Idea!

One of the best gifts you can receive is an experience. Have a photographer in your life that would benefit from spending a day being exposed to an amazing new way to express their photography. Purchase a workshop below and have them reach out to register.

Group Workshops

We also schedule group workshops with talented area photographers who are ready to share their technical knowledge with a small group of interested students. See Group Workshop Schedule below for upcoming events.

Gelatin-Silver (Traditional Black and White) Workshops

You may refer to it simply as Black and White photography, gelatin-silver emerged as the de facto standard for photograph before color processes began to dominate. If you ever worked in a family darkroom or were exposed to it in high school, this is the b&w process you would have used. With a wide range of commercially available films and darkroom papers, gelatin-silver is the ideal process to master before delving into the hand-coated mix-your-own-chemistry challenges of non-silver.

We offer workshops in film processing and printing.

Gelatin-Silver Film Developing Workshop

Introduction to developing your own film.

Cost (All film and chemistry provided.):

  • Half-day: $350

  • Full-day: $600

In this workshop you will learn to prepare the chemistry, load your film into film processing tanks, and go through the entirety of the process from development times, the importance of proper agitation, and ensuring your film has been processed in an archival manner.

Gelatin-Silver Printing Workshop

Introduction to gelatin-silver darkroom printing. 

Cost (All paper and chemistry provided):​

  • Full-day: $600

  • Two-day: $1200

In this workshop you will learn to make Contact Sheets and Enlargements from your gelatin-silver negatives. Topics covered include: Setting up the darkroom, using the enlarger, setting up the easel, making and evaluating test strips, use of multigrade papers, proper method for processing/washing/drying fiber-based paper in an archival manner.

Historical Non-Silver / Alternative Processes Workshops

Before gelatin-silver photographic papers became the standard there were a slew of beautiful formulations that took advantage of light sensitive emulsions coated on metal and paper. Although these 19th Century processes are no longer commercially viable, they have been fully embraced by the artist-photographer as a means of personal expression and are very much alive and thriving today. 

The Foto Forum Santa Fe darkroom has been configured specifically with these alternative processes in mind and we have the ideal facility to learn about these processes without going through the hassle of purchasing an Ultraviolet unit, or waiting long lengths of time for the sun to do its work.

Bringing the precision of a digital workflow to the poetry of the 19th Century

Due to the insensitive-to-light slow speed emulsions of most of these processes it is necessary to have a negative that is the size of your print for contact printing (no using the enlarger). A recent exciting advancement is the ability to print negatives on an ink-jet printer that are specifically targeted to the process (ex: Cyanotype or Platinum). Thus you can use the precise digital tools to create calibrated negatives that take advantage of the sensitivity of the emulsion. You'll learn about this in more detail in these workshops. 


Platinum/Palladium Workshop

Introduction to making Digital Negatives and Platinum/Palladium Printing

Cost: (camera, digital negatives, and chemistry provided)

  • Half-day: $350

  • Full-day: $600

  • Two-day: $1200

One of the most beloved of the early 19th Century alternative non-silver processes, platinum/palladium prints have a long rich tonal scale that brings a nuanced character to any photograph. The prints are made using a mixture of chlorides of the two metals dissolved in ether to make them light sensitive. The resulting print, like the noble metals they use, are incredibly stable and archival and a beauty to behold. Once the emulsion is mixed you brush it directly onto the paper.

In this workshop you will learn how to prepare digital files (either from scanned negatives or digital captures) of your own photographs to create inkjet digital negatives appropriate for Platinum/Palladium printing. The history, techniques, and quirks of platinum printing will be discussed and you will see a demonstration of how to mix and apply the emulsion to the paper, how to determine the proper exposure for the Ultraviolet exposure unit, and to have a Platinum/Palladium print made from your images. During the longer workshops there will be ample opportunity for you to experiment with a number of your own images and to make variations.