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Salted Paper Prints with Anikke Myers

Salted Paper Prints with Anikke Myers


Salted Paper Prints

Visiting Artist Instructor: Anikke Myers

Dates: December 2nd and 3rd (2 Days)

Note: Price includes $200 materials fee


This workshop will focus on the basics of the salted paper process including variations and toning practices. The salted paper process is a stable, elegant, and slightly fussy process that is perfect both, for those who love to experiment in the darkroom, and those who are new to alternative processes alike. Salted paper printing was developed in the mid-1830’s by Henry Fox Talbot, as what he termed “photogenic drawing”, and was the most popular means of printing from a negative until the adoption of silver gelatin paper in the 1890’s. The salted paper process, today, still maintains popularity in photographic circles for its versatility, wide tonal range, and variety of beautiful warm tones.


Students will have the opportunity to experiment with combinations of salting compounds, paper coating techniques, and toners and will have time to make at least 2 final prints. Printing can be done from digital negative, for which there will be a brief demo included in the workshop, or as (the traditional photogenic drawings!) photograms. 


Example prints shown are all Salted Paper Prints copyright Anikke Myers.


About the Visiting Artist Instructor:

Santa Fe based artist, Anikke Myers, specializes in experimental processes in photography, bookmaking, video, and sound. She has exhibited and performed across the US and internationally. Her photographs have been featured in The Hand Magazine, Fraction, and Lenscratch. Her background in art also encompasses education, having taught photography at Bucknell University and The University of New Mexico for more than 8 years. She currently works as a freelance designer and creative consultant for small businesses and as a video archivist at the Santa Fe Institute.

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