Katie Shapiro


Artist Statement

“It was here in Big Sur that I first learned to say 'amen.'”

— Henry Miller

Big Sur has long been a place of escape, retreat and renewal.  Personally it has been all of those things for me as an artist.  There is a magic that exists in the quiet, raised-up cliffs that make up the rugged coastline, extending for roughly 26 miles. It is more of a region than a town, and therefore, there are no real boundaries there.  Perhaps this is what makes it feel so free while being there.  The New York Times wrote that it is "one of the most stunning meetings of land and sea in the world.” 
Big Sur is located in Californias Central Coast and has been magnetic for artists and dreamers for many years. There is a sense of solace one feels when driving along the road or hiking through one of the beaches there. This feeling is unlike anything else: it's almost meditative.

These current works invoke Big Sur's essence by using photographic gels and straight photographs that speak to the magical qualities of the place.

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Big Sur

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