Foto Forum Santa Fe 2021 Members Show


Submissions Due by February 15th, Show Opens March 5th 2021

The 2020 Member's Show was a huge success, with a great range or work, and a lovely turnout at the opening.

We are looking to build on last year with an even bigger pool of members to completely fill the walls.

Executive Director Sage Paisner will be curating and making the selection this year.

All that is required to complete your submission is to be an active Foto Forum Santa Fe member and fill out and submit this form. As you can only submit the form once, you may wish to look over the information that is needed, gather your materials, and come back to this page when you are ready to submit everything.

NOTE: Chrome and Firefox browsers seem to work better than Safari on this form!

We are always excited to see our member's work!!!

Upload Artist C.V.

C.V.s will be printed and available at the gallery in a binder

Please submit 4 photographs for consideration. Each image should be formatted as a JPEG file no larger than 1200 pixels on the long dimension. Please make sure that each file is no larger than 2Mb. (Hint: use compression). Filenames should include your name so that we can easily match a file to your application in case it gets separated. ex: Jane_Doe_1.jpg

For each image, provide the Title and Dimensions of the final print in inches.

Image #1 Upload
Image #2 Upload
Image #3 Upload
Image #4 Upload

Almost Done!

Before clicking the submit button, please review your application. You can only submit once, so take the time to double check everything! Make sure you have uploaded your C.V. and all four images have Titles, Dimensions, and an uploaded JPEG file. If one of the required fields is missing, you may have to start all over again if your browser doesn't save your information!

We will review each submission to make sure it is complete, and send you a confirmation email.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the internet connection, it may take a few moments to upload your submission. Do not leave the page until it completes.

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Zoe Nauman